Kindle Helpline

Amazon offers a Kindle helpline to support their millions of customers.

Kindle Helpline Kindle Helpline Kindle Helpline

Kindle Helpline


Amazon offers a Kindle helpline to support their literally millions of customers who own and use their Kindle eReader. Everywhere you look these days you see people reading a Kindle: on the bus, in restaurants, in the park, at the beach, wherever people have always taken a paperback to relax and read. Downloadable eBooks now outsell print books on Amazon by at least 15% and that number is growing all the time. However, unlike a simple print book, technology is involved, which can sometimes present problems. And when a problem arises, you need an immediate solution.
No one knows exactly how many Amazon Kindles have been sold. Their management made the decision to keep those numbers under wraps. However, when all the different Kindle models are counted, industry experts' estimates put the numbers in the tens of millions. One factor inspiring the confidence that produces sales in these numbers is the Amazon reputation for excellent customer service.
Kindles are now thoroughly tested by the buying public, as is their support for technical and sales issues, and their reputation is holding at a high level. So you can be confident that you will get prompt support if you have any problem with your Kindle, whether technical, or with your account, or content downloads. 
Many of Kindle's sales are for gifts. Everyone who reads considers the benefits of owning one, and when the fortunate excuse of any special day arrives, whether graduation, Christmas, birthday, any kind of celebration, Kindle is a gift many request, especially knowing that quality and service will never be an issue. The Kindle helpline is always there to assist any new user in getting the most from their new reader. From getting started, to maintaining and learning the technological aspects, help is always available with just a quick phone call.
The Kindle helpline solves problems such as:

You are a new owner, and may need help to properly register your Kindle.

You need to change your phone number, your address or the credit card associated with your account, or upgrade.

You might be experiencing difficulties with a download, receive a book you didn't intend, or for any reason need to correct your order.

You might experience difficulties logging in, or have forgotten your username or password.

You are traveling, perhaps even overseas, and want help finding locations where Wi-Fi and 3G are available.

You have purchased a previously owned Kindle, and want to get assistance with "deregistering" it, and registering it properly in your name.

Your Kindle problem's solution is not in the online help FAQ and you need  to speak with a live person.

It's easy to reach the Kindle helpline. First, log onto your Amazon customer account. Then navigate to Kindle Help. You will be asked to fill in a support ticket, and briefly describe the problem. After you fill in the form, you will be given the number you need to call to speak to live help support. File the number away for the next time you may need to call. And enjoy your wonderful Kindle!